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I am an award-winning Creative Director with over 30 years of
industry experience at one of the largest personal care companies
in the world. I climbed the corporate ladder from entry-level production artist to Creative Director, which has given me insights that let me lead by example, delivering strategic and inspirational leadership to my creative teams. In managing what I do best – Creative Strategy, Branding, New Product Development, Advertising, Packaging, Print, Video, Commercials, Photoshoots, Event Planning –
I’ve also brought out the best in my teams, and have consistently built solid, trusting, collaborative relationships with my marketing clients.


I am a person whose home is her sanctuary and backyard her oasis.
I spent a great deal of time creating both to share with my family and the people I cherish most. I live in Lordship, Connecticut and love being near the water. If I’m not on a beach or walking the bluffs, I’m usually
in the garden or cooking up a fabulous meal. I am solid as a rock, but always ready for new adventures and stimulating change. I’m a people person, outgoing and sociable and a good judge of character, which
has served me well both professionally and personally. Life continues to inspire me. I grow from each new experience and friendship, and look forward to more.

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