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Create designs that are identifiable and leave a memorable impression. The Detangler–designed packaging, advertising, collateral, signage and displays all with one cohesive look and feel to become recognizable by the consumer. 

The Power Couple–was a collaboration of cross branding between two different categories that
came together to promote each others brands for a double win. Created packaging and merchandising for my marketing clients to align with an existing successful brand


Leandro II – tells a story about the company,
a very professional look and feel will build trust
with consumers, potential clients and customers. 
Very polished and upscale. Directed design and production team for the entire launch of 28 new items, dryers, irons, brushes and accessories.

25 work load New for Sarah31.jpg
25 work load New for Sarah31.jpg
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leandro_ltd_group 1_MLR.jpg

Event Planning

& Staging

Directed my creative team in coordinating
all events including trade shows, sales meetings, in-house customer meetings. Create themes, supply imagery,

staging and event planning.

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